MBA Resumes

The Resume reflects you. Your MBA resume should be used to showcase your achievements. Your resume is one of the opportunities to show yourself.  Your resume is your personal marketing brochure. You can impress people by your resume, but it can also have a negative impact.

It is definitely essential that the resume informs the reader about your MBA achievements and portrays you in a professional manner

There are specific details which you have to include in your MBA resume if you apply for a job after your MBA:

  1. Business School you are studying + information about the rank, the program, country.
  2. Your date of graduation.
  3. Your area in which you are specialized.
  4. Courses which you are doing/have done in the MBA program which are relevant to the job you target.
  • Note that there are special professional organisations which can help you with your MBA Resume.
  • Note that there are resume distribution services available.
  • Note that many business schools offer support in finding a job for you and have excellent contacts with recruiters.

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