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We’ve recently discovered the Learn! Foundation. Their goal is to create better opportunities for education of children and young adults in developing countries. Of course, we warm heartedly support that goal, similar to our continuing partnership with the Edukans Foundation.

That’s why we have donated €600,- to their foundation just after Christmas. We hope others will follow our example! Here’s the reaction of Michiel de Boer, founder of the Learn! Foundation.

There’s more than one reason to be proud of Springest’ support of the Learn! Foundation. The most important is, all money goes directly to the causes we support: there is no budget reserved for our own organisation or personel costs, including travel expenses.

Thanks to Springest, 2013 is off to a great start. Especially for 320 children (and their direct family) in Kilify, Kenia, where we’re working on improving every aspect of their local primary school.

Do you want to stay up to date on this, or other future projects? Just follow the Learn! Foundation at
, LinkedIn or Twitter.

On behalf of the board of the Learn! Foundation, we want to thank all educaton providers and course participants of Springest!

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