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Tips to facilitate your decision pertaining to everything concerning MBA admission:

Think and rethink

Be aware of the fact that participating in an MBA is not applying for a year of relaxing and breaks. You have to be motivated to the bone. Question yourself if you really want to work your ass of for more than a year at least. Is this what you really want, is this what you really need? Can you manage your social life in a way you can do your MBA for the full 100%? If you are sure that you can manage the MBA, that you will have the financial resources, that you can manage the pressure and that you have enough talent. Than we encourage you to participate.

Visit Several Business Schools

The best way to find out which Business School is best for you is by visiting your preferred Business Schools. Please realise that you will spend a lot of money on the Business School. So the few travels you have to do and the time you invest in your research is worth it for sure. Contact the MBA admissions staff in advance. In general they are willing to provide you a guided tour. You can always ask to sit in on classes and try to talk with as much students as possible. Don’t forget to ask for the negative things of the Business School.

Try to gather a lot of advise for saving financial as well as mental resources

Life decisions are not to be taken lightly.  Seek out professional advise on where, when and how to steer yourself in choosing your career path.  The financial investment in such a consultant may be less than what you’ll be spending on GMAT test taking and MBA admission application fees, and may end up ultimately saving you both financial and mental resources.

MBA Admissions essays – don’t do it alone

The essay, maybe more than any other factor, may decide whether you will be accepted or not to any learning institution.  A second set of eyes is imperative; a good proofreader should spot any grammatical errors and awkward wording.  Moreover, a good proofreader knows what should be put into this all-important essay and what should not.  Use the talents of your professional consultant for this major task.

MBA Admissions  – be precise

Do not underestimate the power of neatness and cleanliness where admissions committees are concerned.  Do everything in your power to ensure that fonts are correct and the same throughout, margins are aligned suitably and no stains mar the pages (for applications going through regular mail).  These details have made the difference between acceptance and rejection of applicants in the past and it is safe to assume they will continue doing so.

Why an MBA? – prepare your arguments and backup

A part of your essay will require an explanation of why you wish to pursue an MBA program.  During the MBA admission interview you will be asked why you are leaving your job or continuing straight out of undergrad school.  You will be required to show references.  Be prepared.  If it is not possible to get a good reference from your present employer, get one from former teachers or other trusted business colleagues.

GMAT and TOEFL tests – preparation necessary

Where these tests are applicable – study for them.  Although there is a review course for the GMAT, it is not always necessary, and sometimes does more harm than good since they are taught at the pace of the slowest learner in the class.  Buy one or two good books to help you and study on your own at your own pace, at the time of day that suits you best.
The TOEFL (test of English as a foreign language) is definitely to be studied for by those students from abroad wishing to gain acceptance to an English-speaking institution.  Check what is necessary for MBA admission to the program of your choice.

Criteria for MBA schools

Decide what is important for you as to which school to choose.  These parameters may include geography, tuition fees, faculty, student population, etc. Recruitment options for future work possibilities may also sway your decision.  Make lists that include maximum number of school possibilities and keep narrowing them down after a careful check of each possibility.

MBA Research

Decisions, once made, can sometimes change.  People change over time, especially during college years. Even though your career goals seem clear and precise to you when you enter a program, they may change as time goes on.  Find out as much as you can before entering your application for MBA admission into this program.  Study the programs offered carefully, choose schools with as much background and information as possible.  Decide what your output limitations will be on all fronts

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