The Importance of Visible Prices in the Training Market2 min read

moneyIn the e-commerce world consumers want to have as much transparent information as possible. A crucial piece of information for any browser is the price of a product or service. The same is true in the training market – our users need to know the price of a certain training course or education programme before they can make a purchasing decision. Overall, clear pricing results in stronger leads for education providers.


Imagine you’re out for the evening, and you’re treating yourself to a nice dinner at that new restaurant you’ve heard so much about. However, it is the end of the month and your wallet is feeling thinner than usual, so you’ve given yourself a £50 cap. First thing you do is go to the drinks section, and annoyingly you find that there are no prices listed (see image below). If you go into a restaurant and the menu has no prices, how are you supposed to stick to your £50 budget?

Menu with no price

Same thing happens if training courses or educational programmes have no price listed on their Springest page. If a Springest visitor is looking through our course ‘menu’ but finds no prices, how are they supposed to know which course is in their price range. True, they could just click the ‘Get More Info (free!)’ button, but that requires effort. Visitors will feel that by clicking this button they are taking a big step – it’s a sign of interest and possible future purchase.

Moreover, by omitting this information Springest’s visitors could become suspicious and move on to another course or programme. Why are they not showing the price? What are they hiding? Is it really expensive?

Academics and practitioners have shown that a major obstacle in online purchasing is consumer confusion and uncertainty. Therefore, education providers and Springest should do their utmost best to reduce this. One way of reducing consumer confusion and uncertainty is by making all information visible and easy to reach. However, Springest cannot do this if education providers do not submit a complete course overview, with clear pricing.

In fact, education providers would benefit from better leads if they listed their price. If prices are shown visitors would only have to click on the ‘Get More Info (free!)’ button when they are through with their browsing.  At this stage our visitors have a clearer idea of what they want from their training and which one suits them best. Thus when they click the ‘Get More Info (free!)’ it is because they are pretty much ready to make a booking. So not only would you be receiving stronger leads, but you would also receive less weaker leads.

Help us help you.

Clear pricing results in stronger leads for education providers.

Education providers can update their offering information if they login into their Admin account and go to the Trainings page.

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