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UX Design Meetup – 30th October, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, Amsterdam

Are you a UX Designer or perhaps hoping to become one? Do you live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam? Then this news may be of interest to you. As big believers of User Experience Design (UX) we’re very excited to announce that on Thursday the 30th of October, CareerFoundry will be launching its first ever event outside of Germany, at Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, in Amsterdam.

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10 tips to convince your employer to increase your educational training budget

More than 40% of an employee’s educational training budget will not be used up, according to research from NIDAP (a Dutch research agency) Sometimes employees are expected to pay for their own personal development even after they were promise a yearly personal training allowance (i.e. when hiring a new employee).

What if you want to continue your learning, but your supervisor / manager / HR department can’t approve the training courses because there is no budget?

The following tips can assist you in pursuing your development:

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Empty your head and increase productivity by Getting Things & Teams Done

timeWorking without stress and anxiety is not only good for your health, but also good for productivity. At Springest this is a focus area for both reasons:

  1. You should have an empty ‘RAM’ i.e. a ‘working memory’, because you need this space to be able to focus and make optimal use of your creativity. Getting Things Done or GTD is a method that helps you stay focused and concentrated.
  2. It allows you to effectively plan and prioritise without losing your flexibility.

How does this method work and how does this translate into teams?

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