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The Online Learning List

Online Learning List SpringestIf you’re on a quest for information where do you tend to start? Google right? But what if you want to learn something new, but still not too sure what? And how do you find those clever and useful study tools, if you don’t know that they exist?

To make things a little bit easier for you Springest has amassed a number of websites that will help you on your way; the ultimate learning list to help you find useful online learning material.

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Educational Budgets not fully spent despite growing need for Training

Station Clocks

Recently Springest carried out a research about educational budgets in Germany, together with Forsa, one of the leading market research and surveying companies in Germany. 31% of the surveyed companies don’t spend  their educational budgets, even though HR managers so see a need for employee training. This seems to be a common problem throughout Europe, as we found similar results in The Netherlands.

Our solution? A streamlined course booking process.

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BTECs explained!

Infographic - BTEC Levels

BTECs have earned their reputation as the world’s most successful vocational learning qualification, giving students a clear path into a profession and/or career. It gives students the knowledge and tools to to take responsibility for their own learning. BTEC develops the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills essential for professional life.

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Holacracy’s 8 challenges

Holacracy's 8 Challenges - SpringestHere at Springest we’ve been using Holacracy, an Agile Development like management philosophy, for the past 2 years to help us organise the company more effectively. However, as all things new, we had some teething pains.

Ruben, our founder,  has composed a list of 8 challenges that we had to overcome whilst adopting Holacracy, plus our approaches in overcoming these problems. As a whole, we decided to learn along the way, to try stuff out and learn from our mistakes.

Spoiler Alert! Holacracy can be great, but it will be misunderstood at first, and it is rather difficult.

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What Did You Just Say? Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Today

Bolivia Flags

Wow! Only half an hour on the job and the new guy, Ahmad from Bahrain, has already closed his first sale! Walking by his desk, I decide to give him a thumbs-up and congratulate him on a job well done. Little did I know Ahmad interpreted my hand signal to mean that I am angry with him and wish to stick my thumb up a place, where the sun does not shine. 

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