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MBA Resumes

The Resume reflects you. Your MBA resume should be used to showcase your achievements. Your resume is one of the opportunities to show yourself.  Your resume is your personal marketing brochure. You can impress people by your resume, but it can also have a negative impact.

It is definitely essential that the resume informs the reader about your MBA achievements and portrays you in a professional manner

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Tips to choose your MBA

Tips to facilitate your decision pertaining to everything concerning MBA admission:

Think and rethink

Be aware of the fact that participating in an MBA is not applying for a year of relaxing and breaks. You have to be motivated to the bone. Question yourself if you really want to work your ass of for more than a year at least. Is this what you really want, is this what you really need? Can you manage your social life in a way you can do your MBA for the full 100%? If you are sure that you can manage the MBA, that you will have the financial resources, that you can manage the pressure and that you have enough talent. Than we encourage you to participate.
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